Posted by: mckenzie | September 29, 2008

dancing the days away.

I’ve been suffering from some serious writers block lately, sorry about that. I feel like I have just gotten into a routine here and I am just going through the motions, which is exactly what I DON’T want to do here. I forget at times that I am still in Africa, and that there are still people at home interested in my days, even if they just feel routine to me. So here goes..

Saturday was one of the most fun days I have had in a few weeks here in Ghana. A bunch of us went with our drumming professor (yes, I am in a drumming class. yes, i have mad rhythm. and yes, we meet outside, on the ground, under a tree, for class. if that’s not African, I don’t know what is) to the Volta region, which is east Ghana, for a village durbar. A durbar is a festival designed to get the village together to just simply fellowship and celebrate. It was so happy and and joyful. We walked for over a mile through the town dancing and running and jumping and laughing at how crazy fun Africa is, while others played drums and chanted and held the chief of the village high above the rest of us. It was one of the single, most beautiful moments I’ve experienced since being here. As my friend Maggie would say, it was one of those infinite life moments, when you want to be immortal and stay in that moment forever, and when you know that everyone in the world would love to do or be exactly where you are at that exact moment in time.

It’s so crazy to me how full of life these people are, non-stop joyfulness just exudes through them, and you cant help but dance when you are around them. I love that if music is playing, they are dancing. To them, it’s like, if you CAN dance, why the heck wouldn’t you? They dance through the streets of their villages, during every moment of a church service, at celebrations, even at funerals. Life just seems a lot sweeter when you throw dancing into the mix. So go put on some good music, and dance. You will be a whole lot happier if you do!

Let them praise His name with dancing and make music to Him with tambourine and harp. -Psalms 149:3

A few other tidbits of info for you..

-I’ve had to cut my nails twice now, because they are so long.. and I’ve never had to cut my nails before in my life.

-Apparently fruit flies breed in banana peels? Whoops, missed that chapter in biology. Needless to say, we’ve got a little fruit fly problem in our room from a month old banana peel. My bad.

-We also have a lizard living in our room that we cant catch. So, room 127 has turned into a mini-animal kingdom.

-My friend Kelly wrote the greatest blog entry I’ve read in a long, long time. All About What You Take In, go read it! You’ll want to read it over and over.

Last, but not least..

-Just finalized plans.. I’m going to South Africa for a week in November! I cant wait! So excited!

I love you all endlessly and I miss you even more! Thank you for the love and encouragement. Now, go dance!

All pictures taken by Carly of course!!



  1. I would love to see you in drumming class. You’re seriously awesome.

    Love you. Love dancing. Love your blog. Keep pressing through the writer’s block…you have great things to say!

  2. I am SUPER excited I found your blog through Amanda Uher’s! I went to South Africa and Zimbabwe in 2007 and I would LOVE to go back…I will being living vicariously through your blog!

  3. I have a cure for the fruit flies….If you can find it you need vinegar…put a small bowl of vinegar where the flies are and it will attrack them….BAM !! their gone….I hope.. I can’t wait til you can teach me some of those African moves…Should I tell Ray at church to move over when you get back !! With all those drum classes you are taking you can sit in for him on Sunday’s.. I can see you now up on the stage in Ray’s little cage with your big head phones on…what a trip that would be…. he will have to teach you all his head moves..I think his neck is made of rubber..I have never in my life seen someone who can be in a sitting position and move like he can !! Oh but wait with all the dancing you are doing, you could probably teach him a few moves….I love you girl…and miss you badly…keep on a dancing, keep on a drumming, and keep on a smiling…you have been blessed !!!!!

  4. I am so proud of you Kenz!! Wish I was there dancing with ya’ll!!

  5. Keep Dancing … Its great for the Soul! Love You!

  6. Looks so fun!! I want the chief of the village job, being carried and catered to sounds pretty good!! Let us know how the girls are doing in school! I have money from some very generous folks to put in your account to go for Mary and Sarah’s education. Thank you for making this happen McKenzie and for giving us an opportunity to help. Can’t wait to see those nails!!! Your Mama loves you!!!

  7. im dancing right now because of you. i miss you so much you dont even know. ive got like half of my pledge sisters hooked on your blog, so we all will end up talking about it sometimes.
    your awesome and eveyday i check to see if you write. i pray now also, because of you.
    i love youuu!

  8. who’s the hot hippie guy? holllllaaaaaa

  9. i am so jealous of your drumming class, that is so beyond awesome! i love you so much and miss you tons. keep doing good and be safe!

  10. The Shea family misses you very much! Sydney just told me today she wants to trade in her trumpet (aren’t you glad she got that AFTER you stopped babysitting!) for the drums! So when you get back you can drum and dance w/ Sydney, Samantha & Matthew!

  11. I am praying for you kenz. Trust in the Lord in all that you are facing and keep your heart and mind open to Him. missing you.

  12. you can drum??!?!?

    this is an incredible development.
    so like, can i do our step routine while you drum?

    and then maybe you can teach me a little and we can switch?

    the wheels are turning my friend.

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