Posted by: mckenzie | November 1, 2008

picture overload.

Just pictures as of recently. Some are completely random. Some from lunch at our sweet Jane’s house. Other’s from Halloween.. don’t hate on the choice of costume. It’s Africa, you do what you can.. geeks it was.

Beautiful Joanna.. such a sweet, humble spirit.

80’s chick, freaks and geeks, quailman!

WATERMELON CARVING! (that’s Africa in case you are bad at geography..)

Beautiful day at the botanical gardens.

Lots of friends at Indian food one night.

Carly, Eric, and I.. a nice little trio.

Digging up seashells with tons of village kids.. couldn’t be happier.

So many pictures, sorry! Enjoy! Love you all and pray you are having a wonderful, relaxing weekend! Happy November:)

“I pray that the eyes of your heart may be enlightened in order that you may know the hope to which he has called you, the riches of his glorious inheritance in the saints”-Ephesians 1:18



  1. KENZIE! Pictures are GREAT! You guys all look so funny for Halloween! The picture of all the girls is gorgeous! You and Carly with the children….how beautiful! Funny you chose that scripture to encourage us…I think the eyes of your heart have been opened and you are figuring out what He has called you to…He just had to take you to Africa to show you!!! It is not always so clear for some…you must be special!!!

  2. OH YEA!! Thanks for explaining the watermelon, I was horrible in geopgraphy!

  3. Thanks for the pictures kenz. it is always good seeing new photos of you in Africa. You would make a great geek by the way. I kind of like it. You should bring that look over to the states. Can’t wait to hear another one of your great stories. Prayin for you.

  4. Sorry I haven’t written in awhile….The pictures are awesome…especially the halloween..but excuse me, where is the halloween baret I sent you ??? Can’t wait for you to get home…oh and by the way, don’t forget my african dress and my keychain !!!!! I love you…..

  5. You are hilarious…glad to know Africa hasn’t taken away you’re craziness. 🙂 Miss you!

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