Posted by: mckenzie | November 13, 2008

an elephantless weekend:(

This past weekend Carly and I took a trip to Tamale, Northern Ghana because of an amazing connection we had to a Ghanaian guy that is living in there, thanks to some friends from Charlotte. Tamale is super close (or so we thought) to Mole National Park which is known for its wide array of exotic animals living in their natural habitats. Ha. All I wanted was to see an elephant. Didn’t matter how far away or how big. Just wanted to see an elephant.

So we took the supposed 12 hour (15 hour) bus ride to Tamale to meet Mark, who was going to take us around the north and travel with us to Mole since we didn’t know anything about traveling in the north. Well, bless his heart, Mark had come down with a horrible strand of Malaria and was totally out of it all weekend. So that left Carly and I on a bus to Mole alone.. no idea where we were staying when we got there or if we would even get there. Not to mention the bus was scheduled to leave at 1:30, so no problem, we would be there before it was dark and sketchy out and find somewhere to stay and everyone would be happy. Well, you know that bus didn’t leave until around 5:30, when it was already dark in Tamale. And there were all kinds of live animals on the bus with us, that’s weird right? Like a little girl sitting next to me holding a chicken by the neck.. not normal. Anyways, by the time we got to Mole, all of Africa was asleep. Thank goodness we found a room available and went to sleep quickly so we could get up for our walking safari early the next morning. We were so excited, we were going to see real, live, African elephants.

Well, we woke up the next morning to the sound of warthogs (like Pumba from the Lion King) snorting through trash outside our door and antelopes grazing in the grass literally 10 feet away from our room. Sweet. Little did we know, those same warthogs and antelope would be the highlight of our walking safari. Anyways, we caught up with the group and walked and walked for a few hours. Saw more warthogs and antelope than I’ve ever wanted to see, a family of baboons, lots of birds, and bugs.. no elephants. Not one.

We thought it was just because it is the wet season here in Ghana and because elephants don’t like the rain, that they had migrated somewhere else for this season. Nope. EVERY SINGLE OTHER GROUP saw elephants. Multiple. Such a bummer.

Anyways, the weekend was good. We traveled for something like 36 out of 90 hours of the weekend, which is enough to make me never want to get on a bus again. But the scenery was beautiful, we saw the most beautiful sunsets and met wonderful people. There are blessings in everything.

The internet is crazy right now, so I only have a couple pictures for you. Sorry!

Carly and I looking rough on the longest bus ride of our lives.


When I took this picture, I thought the camera was zoomed it. Nope. That warthog was like a foot away from me.


And now.. a picture of my senile Art History professor. Oldest professor at the University.. and he gets crazier and more inappropriate and more out of his mind everyday. And no joke, he weighs less than my mom. But he makes us all laugh a lot.


So that’s all for now. 5 weeks from yesterday, I will be home! And Carly and I leave for South Africa in 4 days!! Cannot wait.

So much love to you all! (But today, especially Teri Miller, who sent such a great package, you are wonderful!!)



  1. love love love this post. my roommate an i, ariel, just laughed forever. i would love to hear about this professor, because im pretty sure we have one just like it except you know uh american… haha but i am very very excited for you to come home. best christmas ever. okay well maybe we can ichat again? lots of prayers and love and excitment for your arrival home!
    love, your twin

  2. McKenzie thanks for saving the scary details of this trip until after you arrived back safely!! So sorry you missed the elephants. Can’t wait to see more pictures. I am SO EXCITED about your South Africa trip. Enjoy the Thanksgiving meal we sent, we will miss you but so glad you are well and having fun. Love and Miss you!!!

  3. I like how you are looking all interested in the class picture like you are taking notes or something!!!!!

  4. I’m so jealous you get to go to S. Africa so soon! And what an amazing weekend you had-that warthog is crazy looking, great pictures! Love you!

  5. so so sad that you didn’t get to see an elephant! nice warthog, though. so excited that you’re coming home soon! enjoy your last month!

  6. I love the part about the girl holding the chicken. i don’t know why….it just seems like something that would happen to you. And the professer weighing less than your mom…haha aww! Oh and you look soo so so good in all of the pics. love you:)

  7. Thats too bad you missed out on the elephants. The warthog is still pretty cool though. Im sure being in S. Africa for 4 weeks is going to be AWESOME!! So jealous. Have a safe trip and I hope youre planning on updating your blog atleast 2 more times before you come home… lol Can’t wait to see you.

  8. MEEEEEEEkenzie!

    we miss you! you me and megs need to skype soon- for real.

    I’m sorry you didn’t see any elephants :(. Maybe you will on your travels.

  9. It really scares me to hear about these long bus
    rides into places AFTER DARK without even a place to stay- you girls are so trusting and I know
    God is watching out for you but please be careful.
    What wonderful experiences you’re having!! I know you’re excited about the trip this weekend
    At least you’ll be staying in a house with someone
    you know!!!Can’t wait to read all about it. We’ll
    miss you terribly Thanksgiving, but looking forward to Dec 17th when you’ll be home.Love Ya

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