Hi im mckenzie. Born and raised in Charlotte. Sophomore at Chapel Hill. Love Jesus, people, and life. Living in Ghana, West Africa for 4 1/2 months. And I am seriously awesome.



  1. I wish you would update this thing and get going already! Seriously though…if you do it soon, I promise to comment on every post you write. I also wish that this blog was called “I’m McKenzie and I’m seriously awesome.”

  2. YES! Now that’s what I’m talking about. Also, when you put your website down in my comments, make sure to do mckenziem.wordpress.com, not mckenziem@wordpress.com. Love you!

  3. I just emailed this to you but now I am posting it so that Kelly will see it. Then maybe she will update her blog more often to be in competition with you and Ferris…

    I am so glad you started a blog. I hope you blog more often than Kelly. Secretly, I get really mad when people don’t update their blogs. That’s why Ferris is my favorite because every morning I can count on something from her to read. Maybe you will take Ferris’ place. Maybe not. My suggestion about your blog (I know you didn’t ask but I have appointed myself as your blog mentor since I blog more often than Kelly) KEEP IT FUNNY. This will help you laugh at whatever situation you happen upon and it will make more people want to read.

  4. MCKENZIE!!!!!!! I miss you sweet girl. I have spent so much time on your website laughing, tearing up, smiling and praising! I love love love how each entry has your tone to it…it is like we are having a typical (sarcastic) conversation.

    I am going to jump on the bandwagon and tell you how proud I am and how much I miss you. I am so thankful you are spreading the word about your trip and giving glory to God throughout.

    I MISS YOU #4

  5. Hey Mckenzie! I talked to your Mama at church this morning.. We all miss you like crazy!! I am always so excited to read your posts. You are an incredible writer.
    So proud of you and all you’re doing in Africa. Can’t wait till you get back!

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